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How to Use the Store

1. Add to Cart
Purchase of an item begins when you select the "Add to Cart" link.

2. Quantity
A new page appears, with the product you ordered listed at the left. In the Quantity column a default quantity of 1 appears in a box. If you wish to order more than one of this item (for example if you want two packages of stoma pads) change the number in the box to the correct number. Use the delete link below the box to remove items.

3. Return to Store
To add additional products to the shopping cart, use the "Return to Manzanita Medical Supplies" link at the top of the page.

4. Recalculate
After you change or delete a Quantity, or add more products, select the RECALCULATE button to recompute the total charge.

5. Go to Payments
After you have added shipping, select the "GO TO PAYMENTS" button.

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