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Danny TiesDanny TiesTM Trach Ties
Unique tracheostomy holder that offers a softer and more comfortable fit around the neck. Product Page

Jimmy Proof StrapsJimmy Proof StrapsTM
Anti-disconnect device to secure the ventilator circuit connector to the tracheostomy tube holder. Product Page

TC padsSil.FlexTM TC Pads
Unique product that acts as a cushion between the tracheostomy flange and the patient; accommodates small infants to large adults.
Product Page

Becca PadBecca Pads
Soft, absorbent G Tube pad specially designed to be worn with feed tubes of all types. Product Page

infant test lungBabi.Plus® nTest Lung
Easy to use neonatal test lung for demonstration and testing applications with infant and neonatal ventilator support devices
Product Page