Sil.FlexTM TC Pad
The Sil.Flex TC Pad is a one of a kind product that acts as a cushion between the tracheostomy flange and the patient; accommodates small infants to large adults. Sil.Flex TC Pad available with physician prescription.

Sil.Flex TC Pads are TEMPORARILY not available. Please add your name to our WAITING LIST for this product:
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Prescription Policy
U.S. federal law restricts the sale of some products only by order of a physician.
A prescription from a physician must be on file with Manzanita Medical Supplies, LLC prior to the shipment of this product.
Fax or email the prescription to us, or request that we contact the physician for you.

Product Description
The TC Pads are soft, flexible pads intended for use between the tracheostomy flange and the patient. The contoured surface provides a stable, comfortable cushion. Hypoallergenic and latex-free, each sterile pad is individually packaged, and intended for single patient application. Once applied, the Sil.Flex TC Pad is intended to stay in place for up to 30 days and easily cleaned during routine tracheostomy care. Using Sil.Flex products may reduce irritation at the stoma site and will provide a stable, comfortable interface for the patient.