Becca Pads
Soft, absorbent G Tube pad specially designed to be worn with feed tubes of all types.

Product Description
The patient with a feeding tube needs a soft pad that will absorb leaks from formula and stomach fluids. Becca Pads are specially designed G Pads to be worn around the G-Tube (gastrostomy tube/feeding tube), J-Tube (jejunostomy tube/feeding tube), GJ-Tubes and PEGs. The Becca Pads are made of soft, absorbent cotton that lay flat at the edges of the pad, minimize skin irritation under the Peg and keeps the wearer dry and comfortable.

The single patient use Becca G Pad offers an easy to use G Pad that is comfortable to wear and simple to apply with a snap opening. Each Becca Pad is 2.5 inches in diameter. The Becca Pad is designed to hold its shape, lay flat and does not stretch when it absorbs moisture. Becca Pads may be washed, dried and reused for the same patient providing an economical choice of dressing.
Becca Pads are developed with special care by a dad wanting to “make a difference” for his son and daughter and change the quality of life for all patients with feeding tubes. His engineering expertise and commitment to finding a better solution is found in Becca Pads.