Jimmy Proof StrapsTM
Ventilator circuit security strap to prevent accidental disconnect.

Product Description
Jimmy Proof Straps are an anti-disconnect device intended to secure the ventilator circuit connector to the tracheostomy tube holder to help reduce risk of accidental disconnects. The Straps are made of cotton with reinforced stitching to prevent stretch and rolling of the strap. The ventilator connector threads through the center opening of the Strap and the tapered ends of the Strap attach easily to the tracheostomy tube collar. Engineered to hold its shape with hook tab connectors to ensure quick release when disconnect is indicated.

The Jimmy Proof Straps are intended for use in critical care units, special procedure units as well as alternate care facilities and home care.

Jimmy Proof Straps were developed with special care by a dad wanting to “make a difference” for his son and change the quality of life for all tracheostomy patients. His engineering expertise and commitment to finding a better solution is found in the Jimmy Proof Straps and Danny Ties.